Plugin Specifications

In RPG Maker MV, you can use JavaScript to create your own plugins. Below is information for developers regarding creating plugins.
The following information is for those developers who want to create original plugins using JavaScript.


Redefining Methods



The [Note] field found in each item of the database can be used to define unique data used with each plugin.


In this way, data which has been written in a fixed format will be automatically developed inside a "meta" variable by standard scripts.
In the case above, the following conditions will be met (objects will be treated as data). === 'data'

Plugin Command

Plugin commands are used for easily defining unique event processes for plugins. When implementing these, the pluginCommand of the Game_Interpreter class will be redefined in the following way.

var _Game_Interpreter_pluginCommand =
Game_Interpreter.prototype.pluginCommand = function(command, args) {, command, args);
// insert additional processing details here

The contents of the plugin commands called by the user will pass through the function command and args methods. Commands will be strings, and args will be an array of strings. For example, when evaluating whether or not the user has entered in "MyPlugin clear", the following will occur.

if (command === 'MyPlugin' && args[0] === 'clear') {

Just like the parameters for a plugin, everything will be passed as a string to convert them as necessary.

Multi-language Support

You can specify the language code following the "/*:" in the beginning of the comment block. This will become "/*:ja" when setting this to Japanese. Comment blocks with a language code specified will only be used in that language's editor environment, the unlabeled part (normally English) will be used when a language is not supported.

Codes Language
ja Japanese
fr French
de German
es Spanish
it Italian
pt Portuguese
ru Russian
zh Chinese
ko Korean