Local Server Setup

For reasons related to security, it is not possible to open the index.html file in the project folder by opening it directly in a browser.
You must set up a local server inside your computer. This section will explain how to do so.

Local Server Setup on Windows

Enabling Internet Information Service

  1. Click [Programs] in the [Control Panel].
  2. Click [Turn Windows features on or off].
  3. In the [Windows Features] window, click [Internet Information Services] to enable it.
    *Not checked but filled in
  4. Click [OK].

Install Location of Files

A folder for a local server will be automatically created when Internet Information Services is enabled. Place the project folder inside this folder.

  1. Click [This PC] → [Local Disk C:].
  2. Open the "wwwroot" folder found in the "inetpub" folder.
  3. Place the project folder inside the "wwwroot" folder.

Accessing From Your Browser

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Confirm by entering the address below into the address bar.
    http://<IP Address>/Project Folder Name/
    http://<Computer Name>/Project Folder Name/
    http://localhost/Project Folder Name/

    Ex.) Folder Name/

Finding the Computer Name

  1. Open the applicable folder window, and right-click [This PC] in the sidebar and click [Properties].
  2. Find your computer's name next to [Computer name:] located under [Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings] section in the [System] window.

Finding Your IP Address

  1. Click [View network status and tasks] in the [Control Panel].
  2. Click [Connections: Local Area Connection] in the network connection status window.
  3. Click [Details] in the local area connection status window that appears.
  4. The number found next to [IPv4 Address] is your IP address.

Setting up localhost

To access http://localhost/ in your browser, you need to configure the "hosts" file.

  1. Click the [Start] button, and go to [All Programs] → [Accessories]. Right-click [Notepad] and click [Run as Administrator].
  2. Go to [File] → [Open] in Notepad, and go to "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc". Select "All Files" and open the "hosts" file.
  3. Change the location below in the file and save the file.
    #       localhost
    ■After       localhost
  4. Restart Windows.

Mac OSX Local Server Setup

Apache is installed by default on Macs. You can use a local server by running Apache.

Apache Basic Controls

Enter commands into the terminal, and run Apache.

Running Apache

$ sudo apachectl start

Quitting Apache

$ sudo apachectl stop

Install Location of Files

Place the project folder in the location below.


* The project folder will be located in the location specified in [Location] when creating a new project and saving.

Accessing From Your Browser

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Confirm by entering the address below into the address bar.
    http://localhost/Project Folder Name/