Output Formats


Exports the deployment package for each platform. It is possible to output to Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS.

The exported game folder will be deployed.
Please read [Using Enigma Virtual Box] when wanting to package the game folder and distribute only the .exe file.
Mac OS X
Distributes the exported game folder or the Game.app file inside the game folder.
* Game.app will be displayed as a folder in a Windows environment, but you can run this as an application in a Mac OS X environment.
Running Your Game On Android/iOS
Please view [Converting to an Android App] and [Converting to an iOS App].
When Publishing on the Web
You can play the game in the browser by simply uploading the project folder onto a Web server.
* The project folder will be located in the location specified in "Location" when creating a new project and saving.
* The Game.rpgproject and save folder are not needed to run the game, but there will not be any issues even if you upload them.

Gameplay System Requirements
System Requirements Environments which support HTML5 Canvas and Web Audio API
iOS 8 or higher
Android 4.4 or higher
Recommended Environments Windows, Android: Google Chrome
Mac OS X, iOS: Safari
* Please use Wi-Fi when playing using a browser on a smartphone.
* A browser that supports WebGL is recommended for gameplay.