Playing Your Game

Basic Controls

Running Your Game

How you run a game made using this software changes depending on how the game is deployed.

Using Windows
Double-click the executable file named [Game.exe] (or [Game]) found in the game data folder.
Using Mac OS X
Double-click the executable file named [] (or [Game]) found in the game data folder.
On Android/iOS
View Converting to an Android App and Converting to an iOS App.

* View [Local Server Setup] to check your game as a browser game on a local environment.


As a standard, controlling games created with this software use a 4-button game pad. Button names are based off the Xbox 360 Controller. Supported game pad buttons/keyboard keys and functions used in standard games are as follows. The D-pad on the gamepad, and arrow keys are used to control the movement of characters and the cursor.

Controls Game Pad *1 Keyboard Mouse Touch
Movement D-pad Arrow keys,
Num pad
Click destination *2 Tap destination *2
Action A Z, Enter,
Click target Tap target
Cancel B X, Esc,
Num pad 0
Right click Tap with two fingers
Menu Y X, Esc,
Num pad 0
Right click Tap with two fingers
Dash X Shift
Previous page LB Q, Page up
Next page RB W, Page down
Scroll pages D-pad Arrow keys, num pad Drag from inside of page to outside of page/mouse scroll wheel Tap and hold as you swipe from inside of page to outside of page

*1 A gamepad with XInput standard support is required on Windows when using a gamepad to control your game.
Recommended: Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

*2 Continue clicking/tapping and holding inside the screen when you move around the map to continue moving in the direction you click/tap and hold.

Special Controls

Key Function
F2 Toggle FPS and Drawing Mode display
F3 Toggle Stretch Mode
F4 Toggle Full Screen Mode
F5 Reload
F8 Open developer tools (Test Play only)
F9 Open Debug Screen (Test Play only)
Ctrl + Arrow key Move through obstacles (Test Play only)
Scroll wheel Scroll pages

In-game Menu Controls

Title Menu

The title screen will appear when you run your game. Select from the below options to run.

New Game
Start a new game from the beginning.
Start from a previous save. Select Save Data.
Adjust all settings related to the overall game such as BGM volume.

Menu During Movement

When a player is moving on the map, this menu is displayed when you press the Menu button (same as the Cancel Button except for gamepad). You can do things like use items which recover the state of actors, and save the game state while playing the game using the commands on the upper left. Details for each command are as follows.

Check/use items that your party possesses. To use an item, select it from the list (depending on the item, you may need to select the target actor to apply its effect).
Check/use skills (magic, etc.). To use an skill, select it from the list (depending on the skill, you may need to select the target actor to apply its effect).
Check/change equipment. When selecting an actor and changing its equipment, you will select both the equipment you want to change and the equipment you will change (or an empty item to remove the equipment).
Check on an actor's status. Select the target Actor.
Change the order of your party members.
Adjust all settings related to the overall game such as BGM volume.
Save the current game state. Select where you wish to save from 20 different save slots.
Game End
Quits the game. Select either [To Title] or [Cancel] (cancel controls).

Battle Menu

The game will switch to the Battle Screen upon encountering an enemy in the game. You can advance the battle by selecting the following commands. When all party members' HP reaches 0, this will result in a Game Over.

Party Commands
Commands that display during each turn. Select [Fight] to continue the battle and [Escape] to run away from the enemy. However, if an enemy moves to attack you, only the enemy can do an action until that turn is over even if you select [Escape].
Actor Commands
You will select each party member's action when you select [Fight] in the party commands. The primary actions are [Attack] (attack using the currently equipped weapon), [Guard] (protect oneself and reduce incoming damage) and Item (use currently owned items). The types of actions you can select depend on the actor's settings.

Shop Menu

At the shop you can buy and sell items, weapons, armor, etc.

When you select [Buy], items, weapons, armors, etc. that you can purchase are displayed. Select the item and item amount and press the OK button to buy.

Possession/actors able to equip
The number of selected items possessed is displayed in the right window.

When buying weapons and armor, the party members are displayed and those who are unable to be equipped are grayed out. When you have 5 or more party members, you can use the dash button or click (tap) the right window to display the members beyond the 5th member.
When you select [Sell] and select [Item], [Weapon], [Armor], or [Key Item], the items you possess will be displayed. Select the item you wish to sell, enter the amount to be sold, and press the OK button to sell.
Entering Amount
D-pad/arrow key Function
Right +1 item amount
Left -1 item amount
Up +10 item amount
Down -10 item amount
* When controlling with a touch device, you can change the amount and confirm your purchase by tapping the below buttons.
Button Function
+1 item amount
-1 item amount
+10 item amount
-10 item amount

Developer Tools

Developer Tools will be displayed when pressing F8 during Playtest. Please refer to the entry in [How to Use Developer Tools] for more information.